On the Predictability of Human Behavior

It appears to me that Human Behavior is rather predictable.

This seems to me to be rather important.

1.) Would “people” refute this claim? I don’t know, but I would venture a guess that most of us might find this to not be the case. Our individuality, our free will, I would argue is what makes us unique among species, right? Bees and Birds are predictable, not people!



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Science should value the person who questions the world around them,  rather than the person who’s looking for answers to questions others have asked.

Most scientists are seeking knowledge. There is obviously nothing wrong with that pursuit. Its the person that can’t stop asking questions that is truly unique.

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Why did we accept this for so long?…..

  1. Hospital visiting hours Now the medical community has “realized” that patients recover quicker when friends and relatives are around.
  2. Banking Hours Why did banks use to close at 3:00PM?
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Hello world!

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